Wednesday, July 28, 2010

IZM the show !!

So yeah, since i'm here, mind aswell put up some more stuff !! So my good friend ( Yvon Soglo, aka, Crazy Smooth ) and partner is a dancer / choreographer, and he spent the last 9 or 10 months creating the show IZM. It's a street dance show on stage like no other. I was the photographer for this show. I did some behind the scene pictures aswell as some live show pictures for the promotion of the tour.

Anyway, if you want more info on the show, check out the website : ... On the website, you'll be able to get more information on the BBOYIZM dance company, on the show and also view some videos/trailers of the show.....check it out, its worth it !

Also, we will be in Toronto from setember 22 up to the 27 performing the show. Also, for montreal cats, we'll be there around october, november.

Meanwhile, heres just a few pictures of the show.



Camille !!

Hey photo'bloggers, its been quite a while since iv'e posted something here....Sorry !! I'm just so busy lately with work that i don't think of coming on my blog and updating it !! I need to focuse more on that, cause i have received a few emails concerning my blog !! Sorry readers, il'l do my best....

So yeah, this summer i had the priviledge of shooting Camille Dessurault and her bike...She's a awsome friend that loves chilling and riding her bike. And i love her bike. So one day, i simply told her, lets go out with your bike and shoot some stuff !! What a evening we had. Fun from the begining to the end !!

Merci Camille !!

Enjoy the few pictures.


This is something i starting this summer, taking a few pics with the model, just for personal reference !!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Need a photographer, call this guy !!

Heres a Auto-Portrait i did like 2 or 3 minutes before leaving to take some pictures with Luis ( previous post )...Actualy, that's his bathroom wall !! Had to do it, green wall with blasted neons on top and myself with a brown and green shirt !!



Luis Durand

So yeah, a few days ago, like 2 or 3, i had a shoot that was suppose to happen. I was suppose to shoot this Chef from L.A. before he leaves, but unfortunetly it didn't happen !! I was kinda not happy about it, cause i spent a good 3 days to scout around the old montreal for a great location and the perfect time for the shoot !!

So anyway, its like 5h30 pm, Game 7 between Habs and Penguins, so i call up Luis and ask him if he wants to go out and shoot for a bit before the game !! Cause see me, when things are planned and that it dosen't happen, i'm mad, and when i'm mad, most of the time i'll grab my camera with my 50mm and go out and about and shoot !! So now, just happend to be that i wanted to shoot someone and try new stuff !! So yeah, Luis was all down for wouldn't be, when it comes to free pictures ?!?!?!

Anyway, take a look and let me know,



Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scott Marciano - part : test !!

Hey phot'bloggers
So yeah, the other day, i went out and walk around with a good friend and decided to do a few test shots !! Not bad for some test, well, i think it's kinda cool. The worst is that Scott always gives me that '' James Dean '' kinda style : The jeans, short hair, leather jacket and the smoke...hehe...but now, i got him at the right moment, right after a joke !!

But for now, enjoy,

Full Frame Bikes !!

So yeah, yesterday like i said on my previous post, i went on my day shooting different locations. But also, for some odd reason, i started looking at the bikes locked on either post or fences...Don't know why, i just started shooting some of them, in different angles and decided to make a little serie !

I don't really like bikes that much, but i told myself that theirs lots of shapes in my framing, and that it's important to shoot different things to work your eyes and to create new things !! Cause if we only shoot what we like, then how can we keep innovating !?!? So that's why, everytime i walk around, i shoot things that i don't normaly do, just to practice my eyes !!

Anyway, heres a few shots i did....obviously all '' full frame '' : hence, the name of the post ! For the people that don't know what full frame means, well, let me put it this way : What you see in the picture is what i saw when i took it ! No re-framing, as is !! Unaltered !!



Yesterday was a very good day for me. I simply went out and about with not much to do but walk around Montreal with my camera with my 50mm. All i did, was scout around for some future locations for either, group pictures ( bands ), solo portraits, cars, products, etc...Just some cool spots or some not so cool spots for some not so cool shoots !!

Scouting is so important in photography, cause that kinda '' makes it or not '' in the picture...So i now have a folder with different interesting locations that hopefully, one day, il'l be able to use !

Anyway, just wanted to share this, i will post some pictures of the locations soon.